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About us

Since the beginning of TRON, we have been exclusively committed to the community, answering all its questions, which has also been done for a long time in the service of an SR. Later we decided to found our own SR candidate to be neutral and objective for the community. This also explains the fact that we didn’t create a token. Without a UseCase every token is pointless and only leads to the plundering of the community, which we want to avoid. For this reason we have given ourselves the name TRON-Family and will share our experiences.

The term “Super Representative” explains our role in the TRON network. We will properly represent TRON and actively help with development and promotion.

Furthermore, applications are and have already been developed which we make available to the community free of charge.

Our Blockrewards and Voterewards, if we are elected Super Representative, we give back 80% of the TRX in FAT to our community.

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